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Message from the Board of Directors Nevada Business Corporations & 40 Unbreakable Laws, Inc.

It was Wayne’s honor to spend personal time with Mr. Canfield recounting not only Jack’s historical road to success but also in receiving his valuable advice and direction for Wayne as the release of his first book, “The 40 Unbreakable Laws of Money” is fast approaching, due in Spring of 2014.

When we assist you in the creation of your own “Domestic or International Business Corporation” (IBC), means you have made the decision to move your entire financial future and vision into the “Big-Leagues” having the desire to know what the big boys and girls know!

You can find other corporate service centers out there, but you will not have access to the exclusive training offered by Wayne Wakefield’s online “Financial Academy Institute!” When you enroll, you now become part of an exclusive group of people participating in the ‘direct’ instruction and training of Wayne Wakefield himself. You will be able to tap into over “three decades” of knowledge and experience when it comes to money, business and financial services.

Formerly held a Nevada State Life Insurance License as well as Federal Securities Licenses Series 6, 63 and 26 for Fixed and Variable Securities Products.

So many people throw tens of thousands of dollars at some investment hoping it will produce a hundred percent return forgetting that the highest return on any investment is training and educating “You!” You must get what is called a “focused education” in the area in which you will be doing business.

What good is owning a domestic or off shore company if you do not know how to structure, fund and run it? Thousands of businesses fail every year mostly because there is not enough capital in addition to the owner(s) having no clue what he, she or they are doing?

We at Nevada Business Corporations believe that you must be educated and learn what you are doing and how things work in the real world to be successful in business. This is why Wayne created the Financial Academy Institute! “I am so tired seeing people taking a financial ‘Bloodbath’ out there because there is no one to teach them the secrets of money and to the Free Enterprise System” says Wayne.

This is why we are constantly shooting training videos to educate and answer all you have wanted to know about money, finance and business, but never knew where to go. We also know many do not even know what questions to ask let alone know the answers!

Business is changing before your very eyes and it is critical you must think and do things differently. The choice to change, however, always remains with you!

In Wayne’s NEW book “40-Unbreakable Laws of Money,” (Amazon Best Seller)

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Always remember, “Not making a decision…is a decision!”